Target Load Bluesteel cartridge

The decisive, lead-free
clay target cartridge

RIO AMMO’s Target Load BlueSteel shotshell has been designed for shooters who are looking for a lead-free cartridge that nevertheless, provides the same features and results as traditional cartridges.

Cartucho Target Load Bluesteel

Obtaining the best results in training and in competition is always the goal when choosing a cartridge. Through exhaustive testing and research, we have delivered a superior non-lead competition load that will not disappoint, all while being more environmentally responsible.

As the leader in manufacturing lead-free cartridges in the United States, we are proud to offer Target Load BlueSteel to anyone looking for balanced performance, economy, consistency and compatibility with your favorite shotgun.

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Cartridge 28 grams

DescriptionGaugeLoadCase LenghtShot Size
Target Load BlueSteel™ 28 12ga 2-3/4" 1325fps


Cartucho Target Load Bluesteel