RIO AMMO Top Target BlueSteel

The best lead-free sports shooting cartridge

Our RIO Top Target BlueSteel is intended for clay shooting enthusiasts who are looking for a cartridge that is lead-free, but still offers the same features and performance as a traditional lead-based cartridge.

As more shooting facilities embrace lead-free ammunition, we must recognize that training and competition demand nothing less than a cartridge that performs predictably and reliably. When the championship is on the line, there is no room for compromise.

At Rio, we have designed a lead-free sporting cartridge with excellent performance characteristics perfectly tailored for clays competition. By collaborating with top competitors from a variety of clays disciplines, and using only the best available materials and techniques, we have crafted a perfect balance of high velocities, moderate pressures, smooth recoil and tight, dense patterns.

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DescriptionGaugeLoadCase LenghtShot Size
Top Target BlueSteelâ„¢ 24 20ga 2-3/4" 1230fps