RIO AMMO Game Load Bluesteel 20

Magnum hunting cartridges for 20-gauge

When you need more velocity, range and energy on target with your 20-gauge shotgun in wetlands hunts, look no further than our best-selling cartridges in the U.S., the Game Load BlueSteel Magnum.

Manufactured with the highest quality components and demanding standards, this cartridge offers hunters high velocities, above 1300 fps, excellent patterning and superb energy at distance, even with large birds such as duck and geese.

Cartucho Top Target Calibre 20 Bluesteel
DescriptionGaugeLoadCase LenghtShot Size
Game Load BlueSteelâ„¢ 24 20ga 2-3/4" 1345fps
Cartucho Game Load Bluesteel