Cartridges with
steel shot

Lead-free sports shooting cartridges

Rio has aggressively pursued perfection in the development of a steel shot cartridge line specifically engineered for shooting sports. Our research has paid off in a unique fusion of perfectly spherical steel shot, our own proprietary smokeless powders, and precisely engineered wads. The results are a range of high-performance hard-hitting shot shells that is not only better for the environment, but better on the score board as well.
The statistics don’t lie. A long history of trophies and medals in premier national and international competition, and the endorsement of a growing base of high-profile competition shooters are proof of Rio’s product philosophy and success.

Environmentally friendly sports shooting cartridges

Our exhaustive development, built over a century and a quarter, has yielded the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability in what is destined to be the next “traditional” cartridge as steel becomes more popular and sought after.

Proven and used by top-level shooters, already a well-accepted alternative to lead shot, and achieving great impact on the target, but minimal impact on the environment, Rio BlueSteel is truly a win-win.