Lead-free and 100%

Lead-free cartridges for hunting

RIO has developed a complete range of environmentally-friendly cartridges called Royal ECO as part of our commitment to preserving sensitive wetlands and other natural environments.

As an alternative to cartridges with a plastic wad and lead shot for hunting, Royal ECO is a far more environmentally-responsible product, all without sacrificing performance. Key to its design, this water-soluble wad, which is 100% biodegradable, dissolves naturally

Choose RIO Royal ECO to do your part in protecting our natural heritage without compromising the consistency and performance you have come to expect from Rio Ammunition.

Cartridges with lead shot

Our lead-free cartridges have passed the most rigorous quality control standards before being shipped to your favorite retailer, guaranteeing that the RIO BlueSteel range meets or exceeds the performance levels of our traditional cartridges with lead shot.

High velocities and consistently spherical steel shot, available in a variety of gauges, non-toxic to the environment, and adaptable to virtually any hunting discipline, Rio BlueSteel ensures that you’ll bring home the game each and every time.

Perdigones de acero

Steel shot

Hidrosoluble en 24 horas

Water-soluble in 24 hours

Respetuoso con medio ambiente

Environmentally friendly

Máxima eficacia y rapidez

Maximum efficiency and velocity